frontline workforce

to collaborate with experts

from anywhere

Bring your technicians, workforce and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities

Get to value fast,

with AR-enabled workforce collaboration

Bring your technicians, workforce and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities Bring your workforce and experts technicians

Boost workforce productivity with optimal

Cut down on the logistical challenges and ensure quick resolution with expert access across plants

Get your frontline workforce trained directly by experts

Ensure faster onboarding, and better training with remote direct access to the experts

Minimize your plant downtime

With remote inspection, audit, and compliance inspection, be proactive in predictive machine diagnostics.

Real-time, virtual assistance using AR for remote guidance and maintenance

  • Click to Connect
  • Live Video and Collaboration
  • Annotate Notes in AR for the Real World
One click connect with experts, augmented with AR and live video on mobile devices and wearables. Escalate issues to experts or agents to virtually see and guide resolutions remotely, as if they’re actually on-site.
Live HD video and file sharing that enables collaboration ensuring high level of accuracy and user experience. Capture content of images and recordings from service sessions automatically into service tickets or knowledge base for proof of work or compliance.
Draw and annotate over real-life objects with an AR-based drawing tool. Notes that stick to the virtual environment even when your technicians move around or change shifts.

Enterprise level security and encryption with complete control over your data and access

  • Centralized user management
  • Secure and encrypted communication
  • Analytics dashboard for enhanced productivity
Manage user profiles centrally with administrators having full control over accounts and guest access.
We follow the state-of-art security and encryption practices, as prescribed by the most cutting-edge SaaS platforms to ensure complete security of your data.
We track and show teams, content, interactions, usage, and location data in order to manage and measure critical KPI’s that impact the overall productivity of your workforce.

Everything you need to

conquer remote collaboration

Custom Integrations

Incorporate more data, automate processes, and build different functionalities. Tailor your ARMS experience to play well with your existing stack.

White Labelled Apps

All the information, collaboration, and communication available on the mobile phones of your workforce. We provide apps that suit your brand.

On Premises Support

Availability of our platform is vital for business operations, and costly to be without. We make sure we are present whenever and wherever you might need us.

Cross Platform Compatibilty

We are built for the multi-screen world. Plutomen ARMS is available on Android and iOS for both smartphones, tablets, and RealWear.

Comprehensive Knowledge

All our clients have access to our knowledge base that helps your team move forward with ARMS at their own pace, assisting the learning process for your entire workforce.

Unlock unmatched efficiency through remote collaboration. Get started now!

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