Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality for business in its true essence “augments” how your customers perceive your product or services. The concept of layering reality with computer-generated content to bring a lifelike interactive experience has opened a myriad of opportunities for business to boost their sales.
Your customers can easily render your AR-powered services through their smart devices like smartphones and tablets. It makes it easy and accessible for your customers to evaluate and scrutinize your services well before they splurge their money on them.

Implement AR for your business to enhance customer experience and boost sales

Gone are the days when the quality of the product alone would help in boosting sales. With customers now having a surfeit of choices, you need to give them a unique and personal experience to outshine your competitors.

Augmented reality can be the perfect catalyst for the same if implemented tactfully with in-depth research regarding your customer’s behavior and likings. Some of the most effective ways to use AR in your branding strategy are listed below:

  • Offer immersive shopping experience – AR lets you effectively engage with your customers and helps in reducing ambiguity during their decision-making process
  • Involve your customers through intelligent packaging – Leverage AR for interactive packaging, one which focuses more on how customers would experience the product, rather than just magnifying the benefits of your product.
  • Train your customer service team – Unleashing AR to train your customer service team gives them a deeper understanding of your product to expertly handle product-related queries and sway away your customers with their neck-deep knowledge and humility. Since AR can create a virtual replica of your product, it takes much less time to train new onboarded customer service professionals.
  • AR in the Manufacturing Realm – The application of immersive technology like augmented reality in manufacturing opens up a gamut of benefits for the industry.
  • Maintenance Operations – Maintenance operations usually require technicians working in extreme working environments. Implementing AR through a tablet or AR headset means you can use digital images, content, overlay texts, and information about a particular task. For example, pinpointing the AR device to a furnace can show its vital statistics like current temperature without any physical contact via measuring equipment. Incorporating AR into maintenance operations reduces guesswork and creates a faster and safer process.
The implementation of AR opens up a gamut of options for companies to improve their overall productivity. Code Xperts with its team of AR & VR solution architects makes it simple and helps all kinds of organizations take benefit of the our expertise to implement Augmented reality and provide your customers a great customer experience.

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