frontline workforce

to collaborate with experts

from anywhere

Bring your technicians, workforce and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities

Get to value fast,

with AR-enabled workforce collaboration

Bring your technicians, workforce and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities Bring your workforce and experts technicians
With profound experience in enterprise sales and by providing consultancy, Code Xperts helps in the digital transformation of enterprises. With Plutomen Connect, our field service module gets enhanced and enables remote assistance capability. Powerful combination of Code Xperts and Plutomen Connects speeds up your customer support and field servicing capability by utilizing Augmented Reality in the rapidly growing industry 4.0.
  • Plutomen Connect
  • Plutomen Workflow
  • Plutomen Assist
Plutomen Connect is an AR powered remote assistance & video-collaboration based platform that enables your frontline workforce to connect with your experts instantly. Deliver quick incident response, and expedite your field servicing process with one click connect. Enterprises can minimize downtime, improve first time fix rates and conduct field tasks – MRO, Troubleshooting, Compliance & Audits checks remotely. It features one-click connect with experts, 3D annotation on live videos, a record/save option, and provides a secure messaging corner. The no-code enterprise platform can be integrated with the existing systems and allows seamless centralized user management for controlling analytics, data & users.

Connect with experts-team-clients-vendor remotely

Record & save video

Centralized user and data management

Plutomen Workflow is an AR based digital platform empowering your compliance-audit and inspection functions. Scan-conduct SOP based processes-submit and voila, your team is all done with the execution, submission and data management! Create your own SOP templates, publish them live and manage data centrally at ease!

Work SOPs and checklists

Evidence capturing and storing

Digital Audit, compliance and inspections

Plutomen Assist is a self-assistance platform for next-gen workforce training, digitalization of the process, and providing an interactive knowledge repository. Use animation and insight-based media like videos, illustrations to empower your workforce gain knowledge seamlessly. Extend your workforce capability to visualize and immerse in their task’s situations through Augmented reality. Expedite performance of onboarded workforce and upskill them with everchanging trends!

Shared resources

Step-by-step guide

Interactive manuals


Improve first time fix rates

Reduction in uncertainties through support content, step-by-step instructions, and expert assistance.

Save time & cost

Promotes time and cost saving by eliminating unnecessary physical visits.

Expand service coverage

The product lets you provide service at any location remotely.


Ensures safety of the workforce by eliminating in-person visits.


One-click connect

End-user can connect with a single click through live video augmented with AR on mobile devices & wearables for instant guided resolution.

Device agnostic

The product can be used on different devices and OS enabling you to reach a diverse audience.

Custom integration

Fully customizable and can be seamlessly integrated with the existing systems.

Enterprise SAAS

Simplified single click implementation platform for hassle-free application and integration, just plug-in and play.

Centralized user management

Admins can manage all accounts remotely, easy data management and sharing.

SOP integration

Create and save resolution modules for eradicating human errors and improving fix rates.

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